Murray Wedding | May 5, 2012

I had the absolute pleasure to photograph Katie & Tyler’s special day this past May.  Regretfully, I have been having to sit on these images for MONTHS waiting for this blog to be done to share the whole story with everyone.  Truth be told – I know it will have been worth the wait.


I’ve known the bride, Katie since I was in high school back in Georgia.  I always thought she was a really sweet, and quiet beauty.  Anytime I’d see her in the hallways she would always have the kindest smile on her face.  I was several years older than her, so we unfortunately never really got to cross paths aside from that.  Imagine my surprise 8 years later when I receive an e-mail all the way up in Indianapolis (where I had since moved) from the girl I used to see in Georgia wanting me to photograph her wedding.  I didn’t even have to think about it, and as luck would have it I had already planned to be in Georgia that weekend for a wedding I was attending as a guest.


Katie and I skyped on several different occasions while trying to work out her timeline, and for me to get a feel of just how she wanted her day portrayed on film.   Each conversation she was more excited than the last.  That’s how you know it’s going to be a fun and special wedding.


Her wedding was planned with such originality I knew it wouldn’t take long for the numbers in our small town to want to recreate her day in their own way.  If you had been there, and been a part of it – you’d have known that to be impossible.  The barn that served as the ceremony site was a family friend’s property & the reception site an article of Calhoun history. I arrived to the ceremony site very early that morning to scout my optimal lighting positions for the day & get shots of the dress.  Her groom, Tyler was already there working hard to make sure every one of Katie’s hand-made details for the ceremony site were being taken care of.  Talk about a man!  There were a ton of friends, family, and wedding party members there also helping.  This wedding was truly to be a labor of love, and it was worth it…


Here is their special day frozen forever in time :


 Above are some shots of Katie getting primped for her big day.  Her hair was also coincidentally done by my cousin and the only person I used to trust  my hair with back in Georgia | Brittany Miller at Curl Up & Dye Salon in Calhoun, GA. Her make-up was done by Certified Make-Up Artist Liza Bohannon Allen. Liza and her mother used to do my hair and make-up at Merle Norman Cosmetics in Calhoun for any special occasion I had.  Both of these girls did a great job, and are very well qualified.

Boys never have quite the getting ready process the girls do….

See what I mean about the ceremony site?  No matter how many other weddings that could possibly take place at this location  –  all of the love in these hand-made details can never be replicated.  Such a stunning place made to embody Katie & Tyler.

When looking at this next storyboard… Just keep in mind – it is never hard to spot a daddy’s girl…. 😉

How is that for a whole lot of gorgeousness?

Katie & Tyler thank you again for allowing us to share in experiencing your most special day.  We wish you both a lifetime of happiness as you move forward.  You both compliment each other so very well.


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  1. Absolutely stunning wedding!!! So excited for the blog! It looks amazing!

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