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So, this has been my brain child for quite some time.. Some of you may have come here, because I used to have a personal blog once I moved to Indiana two years ago.  It was used primarily to document my transition period into a totally new climate (among other things).  Sadly, that site is non-operational now.  I’ll be using this blog for my business, with a bit of travel, personal stories, and some fun thrown in.  I’m onto something new every single day and I’m certain this blog will reflect that.

Moving on..


I’ve pondered on this blog post for MONTHS.  I know it probably isn’t that big of a deal, but ever since I discontinued writing in my personal blog I have felt uninspired to write (not take pictures, just write, ya feel?). Which is something I have essentially done my whole life in one format or another. Journals in middle and high school, random notebooks of poetry (albeit poorly written prose – I thought I was cool and moody back then, okay? Cut me some slack here), blogging, etc. I got a scholarship out of high school for writing. Long story short – I told my dad growing up I wanted to be an artist or a writer.  His response, “Taylor, you’ll never make any money being a writer or an artist.  Haven’t you ever heard of a starving artist?”  He’s a very practical man, don’t get me wrong.  Annnnd if I had gone to the art school in Savannah, Ga I had wanted to go to he would have been right… My student loans would have DEFINITELY made me a starving artist. That tuition is no joke, man.  Usually if I’m going to write – it has to be about something I care about.   Now don’t get me confused… This blog IS something I care about.  I think I’ve just been having some stage fright/writers block.  Maybe even a fear of putting myself out there.  But, if I’m putting my business out there I must be putting myself out there.  It’s an extension of me. I’m my brand.  I want to show you.


Here I will not be watering down my blog posts.  These will be REAL words about REAL people with [REAL] lives.  If you like me when you are done reading, great!  If you don’t then we probably wouldn’t have been a good fit anyways – even though that makes me sad 🙁 . I love my clients, and my life.   I truly hope all of these pages in the future will reflect that.

With all that being said — I only write what I feel.


Bare with me while I play catch-up dating all the way back to May with my blog posts. While it has been under construction I’ve fallen a little behind.  I’ll be doing several segments on this blog including Vendor Spotlights, book features (because I am a nerd), I’ll probably quote my dad a lot because he is kind of like the twitter account “s*!# my dad says” (good stuff), & Friday Shenanigans where I post nonsense I find online or things that make me smile, and a lot of other fun stuff.  I sincerely hope you follow, enjoy the images & the ride… That’s what life is all about, right?


Don’t worry… I’ll get deep sometimes too.  😉  First TWO real posts coming tomorrow.


Here is Chewy (on the left), & Zeus (the big one).  They will likely make blog appearances from time to time.  Don’t judge Zeus by his collar. I didn’t pick it out for him.


Chewy & Zeus

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Looks great Taylor! Looking forward to reading more!!!

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