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Vendor Spotlight | Grace and Lace

Heyyyyy Y'all!   I've been getting a ton of questions as to where I get my awesome, supah sweet-tastic leg warmers... Well, wait no longer! Time to debut the first Vendor Spotlight!   Grace & Lace  I stumbled across these gems a year ago, and to be frank they have EXPLODED since she started selling them!  To my knowledge they were just featured on Good Morning America.   I absolutely love all of mine, and wear them almost daily.  Any time they post on Facebook with a new … [Read more...]

Friday Shenanigans | Southern Style

Alright y'all...   For this edition of Friday Shenanigans I've added just a FEW Southern additions.   Enjoy!   Muahhahahahaha         … [Read more...]

Shelf Love | Out of My Comfort Zone

Alright, alright, alright.. Time for another installment of Page Turners.  I did have a fourth book to review, but still lack just a bit on it.  I'm pretty sure I'll be done with it on Friday, though.  Some of these are not my typical style of book I like to read, but I thought I'd give something different a go. As always I'd love to hear thoughts, and suggestions on any other book you may have enjoyed! I head to Georgia for several sessions on Thursday, so once I'm back I'll have a ton of … [Read more...]

The Halpainy’s | Indianapolis Maternity Photographer

Let me start by saying AHHHHHHH!!!  I looooved this couple. I had met Jen and Paul once a year or two ago, and was thrilled when her sister contacted me to tell me they were interested in maternity photos. These two just ooze their own sense of style, and I love it.  Both of them had the best sense of humor and were a blast to photograph. Their love for eachother just shines through in all the photos from this session.  They both were such fun and I could tell they would be … [Read more...]