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Heyyyyy Y’all!


I’ve been getting a ton of questions as to where I get my awesome, supah sweet-tastic leg warmers… Well, wait no longer!

Time to debut the first Vendor Spotlight!


Grace & Lace 

I stumbled across these gems a year ago, and to be frank they have EXPLODED since she started selling them!  To my knowledge they were just featured on Good Morning America.   I absolutely love all of mine, and wear them almost daily.  Any time they post on Facebook with a new design I get practically giddy.  I wear these to most of my Fall and Winter shoots to keep my toesies warm.  I get asked what kind of shoes I shoot in since I’m often tromping through tall grasses and much – well there is the answer… As well as my Hunter boots, and my favorite black “combat” boots.  Some of my friends can tell you how much they hate them…. But, I adore them.

I’ve even bowled in the darn things on a Georgia game day!

So…. here are the styles I own & love…

There you have it!  Now go out and buy a pair, and be as fashionably cool as I am…. Totally kidding – I’m not all that cool.


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