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Friday Favorites – things I can’t live without these days.

I've got a few fun things coming up on the blog soon! One of those things would be a new segment called Friday Favorites. It won't be going up EVERY Friday, but most of them it will. There I will post 5 things that are making me tick at the moment. Things I simply cannot live without. So, for it's first week in existence let's see what I have lined up. Oribe Ultra Gentle Shampoo & Conditioner I looooove this stuff. Like can't say enough how much I love this stuff. I'm forever indebted … [Read more...]

The Fields’ | Indianapolis Maternity Photographer | Taylor Whitham Photography

Ah... The time has come for Kaitlin & Spencer's blog. I've been excited to post their maternity AND newborn session for awhile. Where to begin is the question.... It all started with my husband. Long story short Spencer (dad) was my husbands tennis coach in high school. I know, right? He looks 20. Kaitlin (mom) used to teach tennis with my husband during the Summers. Alot to follow, huh? Here is a quick peek at mom.... Gorgeous, right? When I started dating my husband long distance (I … [Read more...]

The Smith Family | Indianapolis Family Photographer | Taylor Whitham Photography

There are few things I love more than the excitement that surrounds a new baby. And not just a new baby, a first baby! Chris and Alex reached out to me as soon as their sweet little Annabelle was born. She was a PERFECT baby at their session. This is no joke, like not a peep just happy and content the entire time. These two were both so giddy & thrilled that she had arrived. She is clearly showered with love constantly. How perfect are all of her little features? And Hello?! How … [Read more...]

The Slater Family | Indianapolis Family Photographer | Taylor Whitham Photography

Ever heard of Christmas in February? Nah... Neither have I.... But, who says we can't do it? No one! So I am. Muahahahha This Winter I had the opportunity to spend some time with the Slater family + their Ahhhhdorable puppy Lilly. These guys are so much fun it's ridiculous. I work with Julie (mom) at the hospital and anytime we are together it doesn't feel too much like "work" at all.... But, don't tell anyone. We have too much fun. We did a Christmas-y theme for their card photo, and … [Read more...]

Haynes Twins | 8 Months Old | Indianapolis Children Photographer

I got to visit early this Fall with some of my favorite set of multiples! John Patrick & Reese are always so cute & giggly when I see them. They were both having a great time exploring, and play together so well! I'm excited because I get to see these two again in just a couple of months. It amazes me every time I get to see them because they literally grow SO much. Both of their dispositions seemed to flip flop from their newborn session to their 8 month session. It was literally … [Read more...]

Winter 2013 | Valentine’s Day | Styled Bridal Session | Richmond, VA

If you had told me a year ago that I'd be shooting a styled wedding in Virginia with Katelyn James I wouldn't have believed you... But, I did. The color palette was just perfect for being so close to Valentine's Day! Bright pops of fuchsia and a vibrant shade of yellow really brightened up the day. Those are just two colors that make you feel like you have to smile. I sought out Katelyn James Workshop to get another photographer's opinion on how I was doing running this business. … [Read more...]


This is how a lot of my mornings and evenings have looked the last few years... What you are seeing in these photos is a deserted medical campus in the wee hours of the morning. Tromping several blocks in the snow. The (sole) footprints you see in the photo on the right are mine.. The. only. ones. The most commonly asked question I hear involves the hospital... That question is - "Why don't you just quit your hospital jobs and do photography all the time?" (Yes, that's right... I said JOBS - … [Read more...]