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Ah… The time has come for Kaitlin & Spencer’s blog. I’ve been excited to post their maternity AND newborn session for awhile. Where to begin is the question…. It all started with my husband. Long story short Spencer (dad) was my husbands tennis coach in high school. I know, right? He looks 20. Kaitlin (mom) used to teach tennis with my husband during the Summers. Alot to follow, huh?

Here is a quick peek at mom….

Gorgeous, right?

When I started dating my husband long distance (I lived in Georgia – he lived in Indy) I was so worried about making and meeting new friends. One of our first romantic dates was at a steakhouse in Broad Ripple. Our dinner was interrupted by what I thought at the time to be homeless people knocking on the window at our table… (Because, who does that anyways?) Wrong. It was just Kaitlin and Spencer spying on us. They wanted to figure out who Jon was dating & more importantly know if they would like me…. Which he didn’t have a great track record with apparently? Oops! I didn’t know them yet, so I was super nervous. I’m so glad they did that, because now I really do consider them our best friends.



Both of them are absolutely hilarious, and really helped me in my transition moving up North. Kaitlin takes me shopping in Chicago & feeds me cookies + cupcakes. Spencer chaps my hide with sarcastic remarks to keep me in check. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I LOVE this couple. How ecstatic I was to know I’d have a new member of their family to love too.


I had a very odd feeling before Kaitlin told me she was pregnant. I just KNEW somehow. Sure enough within a week of me having suspicions and gut feelings she told me the great news!!!

Kaitlin was destined to be a Mom, and Spencer was meant to be a Father. When I want to talk Thanksgiving dinner recipes, or floral arrangements I call Kaitlin. (This was pre-baby mind you – so naturally she will be a great mom.) Spencer is the most outdoorsy person I’ve met since living in Indiana. Which is more refreshing than you think. It’s easy to get stir crazy in the Winter. So, I knew as a Father he would always have adventures planned!


These two have been together forever & I’ve never seen a couple so comfortable that  has as much fun as them.

Baby Fields was a surprise baby. They both waited to find out what he/she might be. Which I thought was really rad for a first baby? What is more exciting than that? I only posted the photo of what HE actually ended up being. 🙂


They love Broad Ripple so much it was only natural we did their maternity session there. I always feel at home shooting in BR, and I knew they definitely would.



The excitement leading up to the due date was unbelievable. I was on pins and needles waiting for the call. Kaitlin will probably be the first to tell you I’d bother her every couple of days checking on her. 🙂

One smoking hot couple, huh?


I know these two are so in love, and the proudest parents around. Congratulations you two! Jon & I are lucky to call y’all our closest friends and neighbors.


Oh yeah….. I’m not done yet. Did I forget to mention I got to do a maternity session with Kaitlin and her other TWO pregnant sisters too? Here is a look at that fun! What an exciting time in all of their lives. They will all be the closest of friends. Congrats to ALL of the grown Elliott girls & their little sister Jackie (She’s an AUNT for the first time x 3!)


How cute is that?!


I leave you with their hilarious hubbys/dads. This is one FUN family. They will all likely kill me over this… HA!


P.S. Please don’t ask Spencer about me…. He will probably just tell y’all how bad I suck at tennis.  He may or may not have video evidence. Need tennis lessons? Hire him! I have no hope.

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