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I’d like to introduce you to Ryan today. I got to take this adorable little man’s newborn photos this January! You may remember mom & dad’s maternity session here. Ryan did not disappoint whatsoever. He was a little rockstar at his newborn session, and literally did not make a peep the entire time. Mom & Dad must have done good with his prep instructions!

He has the most gorgeous head of hair, and I of course had to do several shots of just it. I couldn’t resist.


His mom & dad are our good friends, so it was really quite hilarious when I got home from their session to see that Ryan’s dad Spencer had been texting my husband photos of us working behind the scenes the entire time… My husband had been given a play by play of what was going on that day. Hilarious. I’ll include some of those at the bottom of this blog post.

I MEAN look at those rolls… Baby rolls are just adorable. I just knew I had to pose him like this…


Ryan has the most gorgeous skin ever, right?

We of course had to do a photo with a tennis racket and ball since dad is a tennis pro at Five Seasons here in Indianapolis. He was starting to wake up just a bit when this one was taken. He was such a good sport!

I love me some macro shots. There is just something about baby eyelashes and hairlines that get me every time..

Here is a look at baby Ryan now! I still can manage to put him into a deep sleep at two months old. Yay!

Thanks to Spencer for this highly inappropriate photo. Small people have to use their longest body part for these shots… Therefore my middle finger wins… Sorry if this offends anyone. Little people have to improvise with what God gives them… Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!


I also forgot to mention that Ryan is a celebrity here in Indianapolis! He has already made it onto the big screen at the Pacers game.  He is off to a good start.


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