Shelf Love : Fault in our Stars

I’ve been doing a lot of reading.. I’m guessing that I’ll be doing a lot more with all of the traveling I’m about to be doing. Let’s start this book review off with a bang, shall we?

Where’d You Go Bernadette? – Maria Semple

This book was hilariously good. I love a good read like this every now and again. It’s both a light read and a heavy read all at the same time. After reading this it made me hyper-conscious of all the personalities the World provides. It’s amazing how different we all can be from one another. I adore one of the main characters, Bernadette. Her quirkiness made me instantly fall in love with her. Bernadette’s daughter Bee is a great character as well. Her love for her mother & all of her eccentricities makes me love her even more. The story unfolds with Bernadette vanishing into thin air, and her daughter Bee setting off on a cross country journey to find her. SUCH. A. GOOD. READ. I’m afraid reading this book has made me want to go on a trip to Antarctica… Strange I know. After reading it let me know if any of you feel the same.  I’m totally down for crossing the Drake Passage now!


Promise Not to Tell – Jennifer McMahon


Promise Not to Tell was also a good one. I’d definitely qualify this as a great beach read. It’s a little bit murder mystery, little bit love story. I found myself picking it up any time I could find a spare moment. It touches a bit on the character’s mother and her battle with dementia, and a good old fashioned murder mystery in her small hometown. Sometime’s going home is more drama than you’d think..


Buddhist Boot Camp – Timber Hawkeye

I’ve been reading this one slowly because it was just so good. While, I’m not a Buddhist per say. I can definitely appreciate their philosophy, teaching, and practices. It really is so beautiful. Timber Hawkeye puts a lot of great thoughts into words on paper. I found myself reading a passage in the morning before work or reading a bit of it before going to yoga class. It was a great way to start my day/practice & put things into perspective. I recommend this book to people of all walks of life. It really was great. Thanks to Brad Burke at Yoga Monkey for the recommendation.


The Fault in our Stars – John Green

How I started reading this book really was so bizarre. I just kind of downloaded it to my Kindle because I found the storyline interesting (Cancer-related) and since I work with people suffering from Cancer on a daily basis, I thought it might be interesting to read a Stage IV patient’s perspective. While this book is fictional, John Green did a lot of research and a lot of talking to people going through this. I noticed while reading the book a lot of landmarks mentioned in it sounded familiar. Marrott Park, 86th Street…. It was really strange. Then I looked up the authors “about me”… And it all made sense. He’s an Indianapolis native. Duh. He also mentioned the art museum and the skeleton piece of art that is in 100 Acre Park. Crazy, right? Well, after reading all of that I REALLY, REALLY wanted to love the book. And, guess what? I do. This is by far one of the best books I have read in the last couple of years. Authors really do amaze me. This book felt so real. The hidden humor was sometimes riotous and his attention to detail is just fantastic. The book provides a very valuable lesson on appreciating each day given to you. A must read.


I have a lot of other books on my to-read list, and have about 4 that I’ve already started.  So, I am sure you’ll be getting more reviews out of me soon! Remember you  can see what I’m up to over on my GoodReads! 

Happy Reading!


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