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Goals : Summertime

Instead of carrying around this goals book that I have - I've decided to do some consolidating. You see, I'm a bit of a notebook "hoarder". If it's cute, unique, & a notebook I buy it. Sad but true. For some things a trusty piece of paper and pen will only do. But, it's time to toss this one because my bag is starting to weigh me down! I typically do two seasonal goal lists for each season throughout the year. One is for our home, and the other is for my business. It's a way to hold myself … [Read more...]

Shelf Love : Love Does.

Alright let's kick some book reviews off with a bang! While traveling some late this spring and early into this summer I had some time to toss back some literature. Most of which were comical, and one that I would probably classify as "life-changing"... Is that too sesrious too soon? Oh well, that's how I feel about it. So, we'll start with that one first. Love Does : Bob Goff This really was exceptional. Everytime I sat it down I felt like I was having mini epiphanies. It really has changed … [Read more...]

Thames Baby Bump | Indianapolis Maternity Photographer

I got to spend a hot & muggy Indiana summer evening with Amy and Simon! While the humidity can be miserable at times (I'll admit I flourish in humidity - I balme it on my Georgia blood), it makes for some gorgeous glowy light. We headed to the Indianapolis Museum of Art - and had some fun trompin' around the grounds. The result was this amazing picture perfect couple's session! These two were just so stinking happy. I know they can hardly wait! See the glowy - … [Read more...]

John Patrick & Reese | Indianapolis Child Photographer

These two little boys have been so much fun to play with the past almost year and a half. It's been so amazing to watch their personalities grow and grow. They have both developed into the some seriously cute little guys. Reese is about as rough & tumble as they come - he is always investigating something! John Patrick has kept me consistently entertained with the faces he makes, and the little glimpses he would give me every now and again of just how SWEET a little boy he is. The first year … [Read more...]

Beth + Tyler | Engaged | Indianapolis Engagement Photographer

I'd like to take a minute to introduce you to Beth & Tyler. Beth and I have known eachother since pre-school, and Tyler I've known for about a year. If you look at her now there is no way you would recognize the Beth I knew growing up. Beth wore Umbro shorts every day of her young life, and coke bottle eyeglasses. She was the biggest tomboy I knew. If you were to look at her photos now, I doubt you would even see the resemblance. To spare Beth a lot of embarassment I won't post any of those … [Read more...]

Beck | Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

I blogged this family's maternity session yesterday! You can find it here. I was so excited on Beck's due date.. I just knew he would be ALL boy, and of course they have Lillia at home who is ALL girl. What a combination. You can see in their side by side photos just how much the two favor eachother. P.S. Who doesn't love the little Jordans? You can just tell how proud this big sister is. Look at that face - little brother was such a good sport. These are some of my favorite … [Read more...]

Golf Themed One Year Session | Indianapolis Family Photographer

I knew this time was coming and to be honest I was bummed when the time finally came around. Little Weston turned One. Annnnd it broke my heart a little. This little guy is so sweet and cuddly. I took photos at all of his landmarks, and while I knew he was growing up I didn't want to admit it. Enjoy the little guy's golf themed birthday! Weston loves to play, you can just tell he is going to be a little athlete. He was pretty obsessed with the golf ball. I'm so glad I … [Read more...]

Cupcake Maternity Session | Indianapolis Maternity Photographer

I'm going to start this post off with stating just how fun this family is. I met Princess Lillia last Fall and was smitten with her sass & personality immediately. I'm pretty convinced she's a tiny Southern Belle in the landlocked Midwest - she just doesn't know it yet. Not only is she a Princess she can be quite the comedian. Emily and Ryan are both *the* best parents. Every time I talk to them they are doing something fun. Naturally, at their photos last year when Emily told me she was … [Read more...]