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I’d like to take a minute to introduce you to Beth & Tyler. Beth and I have known eachother since pre-school, and Tyler I’ve known for about a year. If you look at her now there is no way you would recognize the Beth I knew growing up. Beth wore Umbro shorts every day of her young life, and coke bottle eyeglasses. She was the biggest tomboy I knew. If you were to look at her photos now, I doubt you would even see the resemblance. To spare Beth a lot of embarassment I won’t post any of those photos here… BUT, I do want you to know that I have some… Tread very very lightly my friend. Muahh hahaha. I have a group of friends that date back to pre-school and birth – we’ve all been in each other’s weddings, know every incriminating story about one another (and use them from time to time), basically we all know and have eachother’s memories. I can’t explain how awesome that is. We don’t even need to tell whole stories before all of the rest of us have caught on and know exactly what the other is talking about. That’s rare, and pretty bad ass. So, you can imagine my excitement upon finding out that Beth would be moving onto the next stage of life… She’s GETTIN’ MURRRRIED!

*These are not active train tracks, they are actually no longer in use. They were a special request from the couple who travel by train often, and love sightseeing.*

I LOVE these next few!


We did a bit of Southern song singing during this next set of images. There is just something about jumping hay bales and singing Song of the South.. I guess I’ll never understand what brings the country out of me sometimes..


I brought a ladder in case none of us could make it on top of one of these guys.


Tyler serves in our military. He deploys pretty frequently, so obviously a lot of these two’s correspondence is done using various methods of communication. They do a lot of writing, care package sending, Skyping, and a whole lot of Facebook “chatting/messaging” (I’m not real sure what the kids are calling it these days.) This next setup pretty much sums all of that up. Military family’s have to do a whole lot of sacrificing in the communication department and it really and truly is an art form.
Beth just glows now-a-days… She smiles more than I’ve seen in awhile. I was able to get some out of her here.



LOOOOOOVE this next one.



And that’s it… We spent a lot of time exploring, having fun, and taking photos while doing it. These two are getting hitched May of next year, and I am super excited to be a part of it. I won’t be shooting this one in order to make more of those memories mentioned in the post earlier (although this is one of those times I’d like a clone of myself.) I did have a pretty big hand in picking out her photographers though, so I’m pretty excited to make new friends in the profession.

Congratulations Beth and Tyler!!! Jon and I wish you many happy years!!
Remember : Communication is an art form. *MUAH!*

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  1. Monica Lewis :

    Divine job!

  2. Beth Correll :

    Tay Tay!!! You are absolutely the best around! You have such a gift for capturing us at just the right moment. Thank you so much for being an amazing photographer, and better yet the best friend anyone could ever ask for! Love you!

  3. Great pics it sure looks like two people truly in LOVE.
    We cannot wait to be at their wedding.
    You guys make a beautiful couple.
    Love you
    Uncle Chris

  4. Cathy Kayne (Aunt Cathy!) :

    Congratulations Tyler and Beth!
    Tyler I am so happy for you, you found someone to love and cherish for the rest of your days. Beth I can’t wait to meet you. I so hope to make it out for the wedding and plan on doing just that.

    These pictures are gorgeous. Thanks for letting us share in your joy.

    all the best,

    Uncle Ray, Aunt Cathy, Jonathan, Jeanette, Justin and Joseph.

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