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Instead of carrying around this goals book that I have – I’ve decided to do some consolidating. You see, I’m a bit of a notebook “hoarder”. If it’s cute, unique, & a notebook I buy it. Sad but true. For some things a trusty piece of paper and pen will only do. But, it’s time to toss this one because my bag is starting to weigh me down! I typically do two seasonal goal lists for each season throughout the year. One is for our home, and the other is for my business. It’s a way to hold myself accountable and to take care of things that need to be done. I love to hear others organization techniques, so if you have any tricks of the trade please feel free to share! The internet has proven to be my demise and my life-saver thanks to Pinterest!

Summertime feels like it is always the most crazy and hectic. Every Spring I tell myself “this will be your lazy Summer…” Ha! It never seems to come to fruition, but I will keep the dream alive. This Summer has proven to be the exact opposite. I wrapped up several Grow With Me sessions that made me sad & happy all at the same time. Completed a lot of traveling – most of which were not planned and unexpected. I still have THREE more out of state travel trips I have to go on before the Summer is over! I’ll probably just wrap all of my travels posts into one since it’s gotten excessive. I got really behind on blogging due to a medical emergency in our family that required the majority of my free time. However, I have been able to keep up with a work-out regimen that is somewhat regular, so I’m happy about that! It has definitely been jam-packed, but I’ve been able to take a step back and just breathe. I’ve picked up some new hobbies and hopefully good stress relievers/creative outlets. Next year is going to be my lazy Summer… I can feel it! 🙂


Summertime Goals

Professional :

– Finish re-brand and update of the blog. (Y’all probably don’t know about this… But, it’s coming!)

– Move my home office to our sunroom.

– Redecorate my home office! (Yay)

– Keep up with current editing workflow. (4-6 day turnaround)

– Wrap up design elements for ShowIt Site that will launch next year.

– Finish all of my publishing submissions.

– Blog 2-3 days a week.

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Personal :

– Work out 4-5 days a week.

– Take the Kayak out at least once every two weeks.

– Clean out our basement & organize storage.

– Send a letter to my Grandmother.

– Cook 3 times a week.

– Don’t eat my entire body weight at the State Fair. (All of y’all know it’s coming! I’m terrified!)

– Score Conan tickets for LA.

– Take my poor husband to King’s Island.. He has been begging me.

– Decide on Master Bedrooms new paint color.

– Find Chewy the coolest dog bed in the World (for the office).

– Get prints of some of OUR photos for our house.. (I’m super bad about this.)


The list is a touch overwhelming, but I’d rather put too much than too little. What are some of y’alls priorities during the Summer? What are some things you are looking forward to? I love hearing from y’all so drop me a line anytime.

indianapolis photographer

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