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Alright let’s kick some book reviews off with a bang! While traveling some late this spring and early into this summer I had some time to toss back some literature. Most of which were comical, and one that I would probably classify as “life-changing”… Is that too sesrious too soon? Oh well, that’s how I feel about it. So, we’ll start with that one first.

Love Does : Bob Goff

Taylor Whitham Book Review
This really was exceptional. Everytime I sat it down I felt like I was having mini epiphanies. It really has changed my approach to life and more importantly to life experiences. Bob Goff is a fantastic example of a human being doing the most he can with what he has. In a lot of ways I think most of us can identify with this man. Pick this one up if you want to find extraordinary in the ordinary every single day. While visiting Disneyland this past Spring – I definitely lingered around Tom Sawyer’s Island hoping for a glimpse of him.


Bossypants : Tina Fey

Taylor Whitham Book Review
I’ll be honest with you folks… I had never seen 30 Rock before reading Tina Fey’s book. Ever since finishing this book – I am making my way through all of the seasons. Man, am I glad I read her book because I LOVE 30 Rock. Her book was hilarious! I actually read it after Mindy Kaling’s book… Which I will talk about a bit later as well. I picked it up because in Mindy’s book she says Tina Fey’s book Bossypants is much better than hers… Ha. I’ll let you know if I think that is true. I definitely recommend this book for someone needing a laugh and quick read.


Dead Ever After – Charlaine Harris

Taylor Whitham Book Review
Oh….. Sookie Stackhouse.. I knew your books had to come to an end at some point. I must admit I was sad to see this one get released. Supposedly it is indeed the last book in the Sookie Stackhouse series. That being said – I had some seriously high hopes for this one. Which may be why I’m about to slam it in this review. 🙁 I felt like after ALL of these which seems like hundreds of books to the series this final book seemed super rushed. The plot was lacking, I don’t feel like I’ve felt that way for most of the Stackhouse novels. I’m not going to elaborate on it too much because I know these novels have a huge following and I don’t want to cause any spoilers for anyone. I finished the book feeling pretty unsatisfied with the ending, and bored. At least we still have True Blood… And thank goodness they don’t seem to follow the books too closely!


Drinking My Way Through 14 Dating Websites : Tiffany Peón

Taylor Whitham Book Review
I found this gem to be quite hysterical. I felt like Tiffany did a great job being that voice that we all have inside of our heads… More times than I could count I noticed myself laughing aloud to parts of this and feeling like she was narrating my own young adult life. Her drunken interactions with folks aren’t too unlike our own (even though most of us don’t want to admit that), and the social experiment in and of itself is pretty interesting to read about. Definitely give this one a read.  You can also follow Tiffany’s blog here : BEST/WORSTCLUBEVER


Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) : Mindy Kaling

Taylor Whitham Book Review
Oh. My. Word.
This went far beyond my expectations. I’ve never really been one to read many comedies, but personally love Mindy Kaling and had some interest in reading this. I read this book in one single 4 hour flight from LA to Indianapolis. Seriosuly. Finished it. I laughed so loud people on the plane (including my own husband) looked at me like I should be committed. She is a brilliant comedian, and I really, really hope she writes another book. It made me want to be her best friend… Which is creepy to admit – but, I’m pretty sure was probably her goal. My brother-in-law took us by her office at Universal Studios while we were out in LA visiting. I was way more than starstruck seeing her Mini Cooper in her parking spot. It’s probably a good thing I don’t work on the Universal lot.. I see a high probability that I would walk in that area daily trying to beome her BFF… Ha. (Mindy if you ever stumble across this review.. I’ll be back in LA this September and I promise not to drive by excessively..) PERSONALLY – I liked this better than Bossypants. This is a book you have to read. It’s too funny not to.

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