Oh look… It’s winethirty. {Napa}

Heyyyyy oh!! This is the post I’ve been waiting for. I love wine. (Probably like the majority of you do.) Because of Celiac Disease I may even love it more than some of you. For a long time wine was really my only option. I’ve been dying to visit Napa for several years, and April’s California trip allowed that to become a possibility.

Literally as soon as we checked into The Vintage Inn we were off to our first winery. The Vintage Inn was fabulous by the way. An added bonus was that they used L’Occitane products. SWOON. It’s located in Yountville which is just north of Napa. We wanted a little less touristy experience. We did visit most of the regions though, and truly felt like very few areas were touristy at all.

Our first winery I kind of found by accident doing research on online message boards… I know, I’m a creep. Most reviews said the winery changed their whole perspective on wine and the Napa Valley region altogether. So, you know after reading that I was totally in. It’s almost like I completely disregarded the part most people mentioned about how getting there was treacherous.. Ooops. Kuleto Winery was easily and hands down our first stop based on reviews. So off we went.


See those views? I didn’t photograph the treacherous drive we made to get these views. But, I was pretty scared. More than once we thought we were lost, or on our way to getting abducted and taken to a cabin in the woods.

Just glad to be alive!

I made friends with a lot of random cats this trip. This is the house cat for Kuleto Vineyards. It loved to sun, and be pet. What more could you want living at a winery?

After a tour of the private estate (Kuleto’s owner is also the owner of Houston Steakhouse -um yum- he resides here most of the time) we were off to our tasting with a bunch of nice folks from all over. Some more novice than others in the wine tasting area. We bonded with an older couple over our mutual adoration of Costco and their collection of wine. (Which is actually quite superb – they are some of the biggest wine snobs if you didn’t know.)

Remember how I said the ride to this winery was dangerous? Well, the owner of the property knows it too.. He bought his own working fire truck and has taught everyone on property how to use it in case of a fire. He knows it would take the fire department a long time to get there, so he wanted to be prepared! How smart. Jon was very excited about the truck!


They had excellent varietals of wine, and the tasting was to date one of the best I’ve ever done. The staff all pour their love into the products, and are absolutely 110% knowledgable and helpful. It was a whole lot of fun. Plus, we picked up some tips on other wineries from the folks doing the tasting with us.

After we finished up at Kuleto we headed back to the hotel for some pool time, and a nice dinner!


Day two sent us off to three other wineries.
Duckhorn Vineyards was up first! This place has a great wrap around patio which is nice for sipping wine on a nice day. Jon and I were both particularly fond of their Merlot.


It was still early in the day once we finished up there, so we decided we needed to stop for some bubbly. Which brought us to Mumm Napa as our next stop.

How fun it is to taste champagne. Mumm has great customer service, and if we had any questions about other wines not in our tasting flight they were happy to bring us a taste!

After this stop – I may have been a bit tipsy. I think the photos I took after prove it.


We of course stopped for macarons at Bouchon Bakery!


We headed back to the hotel that afternoon for a nap, more pool time, and a nice lunch.

Our last stop was Domaine Carneros.. (Thanks to Jessica Roberts for the suggestion!) For some reason I can’t find the photos from this one? I’m not sure what happened to them, but I did have a couple of their vineyard.

We had a great tour here, and the guide was absolutely fabulous. He was so friendly.

On our way out of town and headed back to Indy we made sure to make time for the hotel’s champagne brunch that we had every morning. Such a fabulous trip! We loved it!


The good news is while I am sad this trip is over…. Indianapolis just added direct flights to San Fran! (About forty minutes from Napa) I know where we will be headed the next time we want to get away! If you’re headed that way anytime soon and want recommendations please feel free to ask!

I’m going to try to ┬áblog NYC tomorrow. ┬áSo, come on back now ya hear!

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