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the kelsey family.

I was introduced to the Kelsey family by past clients of mine. I love it when that happens. I know since a previous client is referring them the odds are even better that I'll like them just as much and have even more new friends! That proves itself to be true again and again. What is even MORE bizarre is the Kelsey family used to live down the road (like seriously one house down) from where we currently live now here in Indy - and our paths are just now crossing! Wild, right? Pretty cool I … [Read more...]

Wildflowers Workshop | Tennessee & me

I'm not really sure where to start here.. So, I'll just begin by saying that I am officially starting this blog post today (December 17th). I suspect it might take me several days to finish it, that it will be very very long, and by the time it posts it will give all of you an inkling as to just how difficult this experience was to put into words. I've given a lot of thought as to what exactly happened two weekends ago in Tennessee. I did not sign up for a photography workshop necessarily to … [Read more...]

Ellen – One Year | Indianapolis Child Photographer

Another one of my Grow With Me Kiddos is a whole big ONE year old. (Cue the sobs... Sad, I know.) You can see the evolution of sweet Ellen here. Happy One Year, big girl! Ellen is always so photogenic it is just crazy. She is naturally super curious of her surroundings and that usually ends up getting us some pretty phenomenal photos! I love that last little series! Isn't she the cutest thing! I'm going to miss seeing her every few months for sure. :( … [Read more...]

Reid | Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

Oh little Reid... (Who isn't so little anymore might I add?) I keep up with my littlest clients on Facebook, so I'm kind of glad I'm blogging this today. I'm going to pretend he is this wittle bitty again! It's really sad, but once they graduate that first year with me I really really miss them! It's like seeing them every few months makes me feel like I was a part of their big picture in some way! Any-who.. Simon and Amy you might remember from their maternity session here. You also might now … [Read more...]