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Disney Marathon Week – Coast to Coast!

Well, it's been a couple of weeks since Marathon Week. My legs are feeling normal, the numbness and blisters have left my feet - so, it's time for a blog! Jon and I decided last year that in 2014 we would try to get our Coast to Coast medal. Which essentially means you do races in Disney World and Disneyland within the same calendar year. Crazy? Maybe. Part One of our Coast to Coast challenge is over. We did the half marathon at Disney World this January and have the Half at Disneyland at the … [Read more...]

Brett + Josh | Engaged – Tree Farm Inspired Shoot

Back in late November I met Brett and Josh on one of our first frigid days of this Winter season! For engagement and family sessions (with young children) the cold temps always concern me.. My biggest worry is that they will be too uncomfortable from the cold to obtain genuine photos.. i.e. scary faces in photos, teeth clinched visibly - etc etc. I always check in with my clients the morning of their session to warn them of said temperatures, make sure they will be dressed appropriately, and to … [Read more...]

bebe dalton. indianapolis photographer

My friends are having kiddos left and right!! My favorite part of all of this is seeing who I think the baby favors most! Mom or dad. :) Little Dalton is a spitting image of Daddy-o and I suspect he will be a tall little guy just like dad too. I can only hope after having kids I look as fab as mama does. Yowza! Enjoy this sweet look into this adorable family's life in their new home. Perfection. Mama did a great job styling his nursery. Isn't it adorable? … [Read more...]

time gone by, auld lang syne. goals : 2014

How do you summarize an entire year of your life? The best and easiest thing that I can figure is in photos. I randomly chose photos throughout the course of the last year to compile my newest Goals blog post. First, let's review my last sheet of goals and see how I did...   Professional : - Finish re-brand and update of the blog. (Y’all probably don’t know about this… But, it’s coming!) - Move my home office to our sunroom. - Redecorate my home office! (Yay)  (It's a work in … [Read more...]