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How do you summarize an entire year of your life? The best and easiest thing that I can figure is in photos. I randomly chose photos throughout the course of the last year to compile my newest Goals blog post. First, let’s review my last sheet of goals and see how I did…


Professional :
Finish re-brand and update of the blog. (Y’all probably don’t know about this… But, it’s coming!)
Move my home office to our sunroom.
– Redecorate my home office! (Yay)  (It’s a work in progress.)
Keep up with current editing workflow. (4-6 day turnaround)
– Wrap up design elements for ShowIt Site that will launch next year.  (I’ve decided to put this on hold for a little while.)
Finish all of my publishing submissions.
– Blog 2-3 days a week.  (Yikes – failed miserably with this. I blame the hospital hours I was putting in.)


Personal :
Work out 4-5 days a week. (I did decide that with my work schedule I needed to cut it down to more like 3/4.)
– Take the Kayak out at least once every two weeks.  (Sadly this did not happen.  We did take them out several times – but not near as much as I wanted before the cold months.) 
Clean out our basement & organize storage.
– Send a letter to my Grandmother.
– Cook 3 times a week.
Don’t eat my entire body weight at the State Fair. (All of y’all know it’s coming! I’m terrified!)
Score Conan tickets for LA.
– Take my poor husband to King’s Island.. He has been begging me.  (This makes me feel terrible. We did not get to go… At all.)
Decide on Master Bedrooms new paint color.  We did decide on a color – just haven’t painted it yet.
– Find Chewy the coolest dog bed in the World (for the office).
– Get prints of some of OUR photos for our house.. (I’m super bad about this.)


Overall… I did okay with keeping my promises to myself. I could use some real improvement on some of these things considering I set these goals MONTHS ago..


In February I attended my first workshop in Virginia with Katelyn James.  What a learning experience.  So glad I went and was able to perfect my existing workflow!


We didn’t get to participate in any Disney marathons or travel out of the country this year.  But, we did get around to visiting a lot of our family spread all over the country.  We still have about 2 other families in DC and NC that we need to get around too – but, with both of our work schedules it proves to keep this balance very difficult.  2 West coast trips (LA, Napa, and San Fran), Richmond, VA, Cape San Blas, FL, Leiper’s Fork, TN and one NYC trip rounded out 2013 for us. We noticed this year all of our travel was basically used for visiting family and obligations to others. While this is great!  We found we missed out on a lot of time spent together.  We see each other so little during the work week as it is.  So, we are going to try to take more trips as a couple – and hopefully more abroad in the coming years.


In May we headed back down South for my little brother’s graduation from Georgia Tech.  Soon after that we took a family vacation to Cape San Blas in Florida.  We knew with all of us having demanding jobs now these trips would likely be happening less and less. Hunter is now  a “consultant” (those mythical unicorn type jobs where no one actually knows what they do) with Deloitte out in Washington D.C. where he seems to be thriving and having no problems making friends.

August brought us to one of my first loves… NYC.  It was nice to leave the Midwest and back to a large city with a bit faster pace.  I swear I started getting gray hair when I moved to Indianapolis and realized how slow everyone drives.. I mean, seriously… 10 miles UNDER the speed limit seems to be the average around here.  I love being a number and unrecognized – so big cities suit me just fine.  Every time I find myself in New York getting lost is a top priority.


The Fall came and went bringing to a close a lot of personal stress I had been dealing with for a few months.  I put more on my plate than I could physically or mentally handle.  Hospitals are slowly depending more on their PRN staff to pull a large portion of the weight – and that’s exactly what happened.  This year I’m sticking with my personal limit of hours!  No more 68 hour work weeks ever again.  They just simply aren’t worth it. I’m going to start taking care of myself again.


I was very fortunate to have tons of friends visit us in Indy this year.  We love having visitors and welcome any of our friends and family all of the time! Beth has made a couple of trips to do some wedding planning.  Her wedding is basically planned now – so it should be smooth sailing for her from now on.


Both sets of our families were in town for the Holidays this Christmas – so we spent a lot of our time bouncing from house to house making time for everyone… And more importantly making room for all of the food…

As far as 2014 Goes…. Here are how things are stacking up.

Professional :
– Attempt to blog at least once a week… With more personal/real-life content. Thats do-able surely!?
– Redecorate my home office! (Yay)  
– Less expenses – more investments.  (1 new lens)
– Only one 40+ hour work week a month.
– 365 Project 
– Only one weekend session a month.
– Max 2 sessions weekly.

Personal :
– Continue working out 3-4 days a week.  Another thing I’d like to tack on to that is enroll in a 200 hour yoga alliance yoga school. Since high school this has been something I have always wanted to do, and have always found excuses not to.  Setting a goal to attend will finally keep that promise to myself.
– Fear less. Hope more.
– Join our church officially. 
– 2/3 Half Marathons this year – 2/3 10Ks this year.
– Read at least one book a month.
– More time with the hubs!
– One trip to somewhere we have never been.


That’s not too daunting hopefully… Since it was the year of the selfie – I included the first selfie taken in 2014. Me and the hubs 🙂

indianapolis photographer

Happy New Year to all of my friends!  Wishing each of you a happy, healthy, and fabulous 2014!

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  1. Grandmother Mimi :

    Happy New Year Tay and Jon. Our hopes and prayers are for a wonderful 2014 for the two of you. So proud of you for all you do. Hope to see you here when you come to Disney this month. Love you
    I seem to use “you” a lot . Guess it is because I think of “you” a lot.

  2. I feel like I have done a very good job explaining my job! 😉 Great post Tay! Hope your New Year is even better than this last one!

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