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fall photos & a day at the fire department.

I look forward to seeing this family every year. I basically burn off some calories playing & chasing Tucker for smiles, and it's a win-win for everyone! It is SO crazy to me seeing how much they grow in just a year. He's turning into a dashing young man, and I know mom and dad are so proud! We did their normal family fall photos and went to visit the fire station (Tucker loves fire trucks!) We had a great time, and I think you can tell from the photos! A special thanks to the Carmel Fire … [Read more...]

Shelf Love : Blue Like Jazz

I had to put a small pause on some of my leisurely reading basically from May to October while studying for a boards exam... So, these posts kind of dwindled a bit as did my reading. I did put away four in the meantime, and am reading three more currently. For those of you just joining this segment - I love to read.. They say that isn't a bad hobby to have, but for me it is a very pricey one. I can oftentimes go through a normal book in a matter of one day. A few months ago I finally decided to … [Read more...]

the Wood family & a Georgia sunset.

I'm finally getting the Wood family's session up! They are sincerely some of my favorites. It's pretty amazing as a photographer when you've been there since the baby arrived. You get to see a family grow into something pretty amazing. I've known Jessica since high school and photographing her family is a great excuse to keep in touch! Which can be hard to do when everyone moves away from their hometown. Jessica and Blake were both so in sync during the session. It was almost comical hearing … [Read more...]