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I had to put a small pause on some of my leisurely reading basically from May to October while studying for a boards exam… So, these posts kind of dwindled a bit as did my reading. I did put away four in the meantime, and am reading three more currently. For those of you just joining this segment – I love to read.. They say that isn’t a bad hobby to have, but for me it is a very pricey one. I can oftentimes go through a normal book in a matter of one day. A few months ago I finally decided to join the Indianapolis Public Library and now can have e-books delivered for free to my Kindle as well as check them out old school style. Hooray! A little more money in my pocketbook for shoes! 🙂 I’m sure my husband is pretty pleased not seeing near as many charges on our statement from amazon… Oops. At least I’m feeding my mind, right?

Well, let’s not waste any time and get started.

MWF seeking BFF : My Yearlong Search for a New Best Friend : Rachel Bertsche


This one took me a little bit longer to read than most.. I feel like it’s a book you can read a bit and wait a couple of weeks.. Pick it back up and remember where you left off. Which is a kind of book I like to read from time to time. Especially if I have a lot going on in my life. I picked this one up because it’s plot intrigued me.. It’s basically my life. A girl relocates from the East Coast (big city) to the Midwest (Chicago) for her husband – leaving all her friends behind. Hello!? Didn’t I just go through this four years ago? It’s a true story of her journey to find a best friend without knowing anyone. She even goes as far as renting a friend!! Hilarious. It was a fun read and had a lot of really interesting facts about friendships as well as statistics. I think this would be a good book for the airplane, and maybe at the beach!

Dark Places : Gillian Flynn


I really enjoyed her other novel, Gone Girl.. I reviewed it last year and you can see that here. I’ll stand by the statement that this is definitely not my normal type of literature. Regardless I was a big fan of her first. Dark Places was a good read – but, maybe a little too far out for me. I did read it pretty quickly but it may be because parts of it made me scared of the dark… Annnnd maybe I just wanted to finish it so I didn’t have to be scared anymore. I’ve definitely reevaluated my stance on what I think of mystery novels thanks to Gillian Flynn. I say pick this one up!

Nicholas & Alexandra : Robert K. Massie


History has always been of great interest to me. For some reason international history I have never been able to get enough of. Autocracy in Russia used to be one of those topics I’d stay up until 3am watching documentaries of in middle and high school… Nerd, maybe? This novel did what I think is a fabulous job of sticking to facts and filtering out the “theories” that you often hear floating around on the topic of Russia’s fall of Autocracy and the Tsar. It for sure painted a completely different picture for me of Alexandra than I had previously had. Russian politics may sound like a drag to most of you, but if you like to learn and don’t mind a good story while doing it – this is one I’d recommend!

Blue Like Jazz : Donald Miller


This was your typical Donald Miller work of art. He is just SO relatable as an author. It’s like you get a peek into his mind and unfiltered thoughts. This is a lot of his thoughts and stories revolving around Christian faith in a post-modern culture. Which I think just about anyone can understand. Just like the last Donald Miller book I read this one is a must read! Oh yeah!! And did I mention I met him a couple of weeks ago and got my copy signed!!! Yay! So, awesome. Special shout to St. Luke’s United Methodist Men for making that a possibility!


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