Have a good day, no matter what.

Welp.. I lost my voice about three days ago. Pretty sure I’m going insane since for the most part I can only have thoughts running through my head and carry on conversation within the confines of my mind. I’m losing it…. I figured I might as well write a blog before I go crazy.

Another year is in the books. Man, they just keep moving faster and faster. 2014 was completely insane. On a personal note my husband and I just had SO many big changes in store that we had no idea about. We BOTH ended up with new jobs, a new house, and completed our Disney Coast to Coast miles successfully (even with me coming off the healing process for a broken leg). I am SO thankful for a full-time job back in healthcare. You can see posts about that story here and here. It has lifted a lot of anxiety and sleepless nights off my chest. Of course with that job comes a new set of stress with implementing a new MRI machine (the first of it’s kind in the outpatient market here in Indy). I’ve finally gotten things running pretty smooth there and can hopefully start to unwind and get into a routine of sorts… I only waited almost 5 years for this haha. Hubs has a new high stress, high pressure, important, very grown-up sounding job. He is really thriving and I just know he is going to do BIG things. I’m so proud of him with everything he does on a daily basis. I mean, I really am in awe.

Our new house is finally starting to come together. We love our area and REALLY love all of the extra space we now have. This Winter we have been spending a lot of time in our “retreat” which is a third story attic renovation we have turned into a theater.. Pretty sweet. Feeling like a movie night? Give us a ring! Only major mishap really has been realizing JB’s car didn’t fit inside the garage before buying it… Whoopsie. We bulldozed it, and have a new ginormous one now standing in it’s place. I’m fairly certain I could inhabit it if need be… haha Just kidding, hun.

We rang in the New Year with our friends Suzanne & Mike here in town! Drank some really terrible tequila shots and woke up definitely feeling our age.. We did get to listen to some nice vinyl at Ball & Biscuit while sipping champagne, so I would say it was a success.


I’ve struggled some this year with balancing the healthcare job & photography. The new job was very stressful for about 6 months. I was under a lot of pressure to do a lot of things. Being the perfectionist I am…. I knew it would require 100% of my attention at all times and that’s what I did. I took some time off to try and figure out how I’m going to do it. I think I’ve got it all figured out now, and I’m happy that I slowed down some to work out the kinks. I feel like I’m at a place in my healthcare career where hopefully I can keep being good to my patients and cruise more on autopilot. I feel we accomplished a pretty successful implementation and passed major accreditation. So, yay!


We took it easy the month of January. Enjoyed a few lazy days, and tried to slow down spending time together. This is always needed after the Holidays. I’m sure all of you feel the same way. We jetted off to Chicago for a getaway and to enjoy our favorite restaurant (probably in the US I would guess).


I just wanted to bring folks up to speed because I feel like I’ve been running around crazy/absent and not giving any real updates on the blog… Aside from trying to catch up on sessions. It has made me sad that there is this disconnect in my life from my photography blog lately. I’m trying to do better. It’s something I really really enjoy doing and I’m going to be better with time management for things like this.

Life has been hard for me the past 5 years getting settled in a new place and this is the first time since moving it finally feels like I have some sense of normalcy to my schedule. It took a much larger toll on me than I realized it had. I think my general outlook on life has changed SO much – in a good way. I am certain I’m not the only person that has ever dealt with those feelings. It’s so exhausting and isolating.

I had a patient this week that kind of made me just stop and think for a minute. He didn’t say much, but what he did say stuck with me and really brought everything that’s happened since moving full circle to where I’m at now. “Have a good day, no matter what.” He was a super nice guy, and you could tell he literally probably says that to EVERYONE. Imagine if everyone else and myself had that same outlook? It literally just blew my mind. You could tell he didn’t even think twice or linger over the sentiment. Just turned and went about his day after his exam. No matter what happens, have a good day. That’s certainly do-able, right? Maybe I am crazy, but I’d like to think I could try to do that at least. I’m really happy with how things are shaping out to be – I miss my friends, family, and sunshine (don’t hate me Indiana) of course. But, it is what it is. You know? And why can’t I have a good day doing whatever it is I’m doing.

Clearly I am rambling so I’ll just move on. I hope everyone’s Winter has been full of bad food, wine and heated blankets. I’ll be happy to shrug them off hopefully in a couple more weeks…. Fingers crossed! Have a good day, no matter what. xoxo

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  2. taylor I always enjoy reading everything you write. I get more words and information from your blogs than when we are together. Love you My Darling Little One

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