Shelf love – playing catchup.

This is going to look all kinds of bad… But, I don’t care. I’ve been so busy getting out galleries and working on upcoming blog posts that I haven’t done one of these in awhile. So, when I went back to my Goodreads to see what books I had read and their chronological order – I was slightly disturbed. I guess I felt like I wasn’t reading a lot since last year, but when I went back for this purpose I found I had read an insane amount actually… Two of my months (June-August) were heavily occupied with the wildly popular Game of Thrones series. I’ve heard from friends that two months for that series is difficult to do, but I was not impressed with my performance on that. So, without further ado…. What my nerdy self has been up to on Goodreads!

Well, OBVS this one. If you don’t watch it on HBO – you should. If you haven’t read them yet and watch the show – you should. If you don’t watch the show and haven’t read them yet – you should…. Comprende? I kind of believe this author could be a freaky weirdo in real life, but I just can’t put these damn books down. The show I watch religiously (I would like to mention I am not *THRILLED* with the direction the HBO series has taken, blahhhh. I will not be giving any descriptions on the show or book here – just read it, k?

All of my books for a bit seemed to revolve around my little corner of the TV world. I went on a “slight” HBO kick and may or may not have pulverized every single season of girls…. the robert durst documentary… annnnnd the scientology documentary…. oh well. I am a huge Girls fan, I love Lena Dunham (I know a lot of you might abhor her as she can be opinionated). My husband for one is not a fan and REFUSES to imbibe in my serial show watching abilities. Her book was as funny and quick witted as her. By the time I put it down there were definitely sections where I was like “well, I am not sure that was all true but pretty hilarious.” Her ability to make fun of herself, be accepting, and brutally honest all at the same time is really refreshing to me. I’m one of those people that like to “trim the fat” or “cut the bullshit” so I can respect that kind of attitude. Pick it up if you’re like-minded.

Again, back to one of my shows… haha OH Leslie Knope I love you. I was a little heartbroken when Parks & Rec ended this year, so I picked up Amy Poehler’s book. I assumed it might run along the lines of some of my favorite female comedienne’s books (Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling, and Lena Dunham) but she had a surprisingly different take and it was written very differently. Reading it made me respect her. She seems pretty kick ass and just a real individual. Not only are parts of the book very comedic, but she throws out some real gems on life. Gotsta appreciate that.

I have been seeing “The Best Yes” hyped up in a lot of places. I’m into these kinds of books (Ann Voskamp, Shauna Niequist, etc) but this one was a pretty slow read. It was okay, but probably more directed to mothers. If you’re a busy mom and looking for a refreshing outlook to read at a leisurely place this might be a good one for you.

I needed a “light” and “mindless” quick read after wrapping up the GOT series. This I stumbled upon a review of and it sounded like the perfect fit! I actually LOVED it. Very cute book that has a sequel coming out this month! Going to the beach or looking for something to read on your lunch break each day? This would be perfect! I loved this style of writing the dialogue amongst characters.

As a healthcare worker this book REALLY put a crazy spin on my perspective. If you’re in healthcare you knowwwww what kind of patient’s I’m talking about… The ones who come down from the ER as a STAT and they are talking all crazy out of their head (no history of that before – just all of a sudden crazzzzy), not making any sense, you’re thinking they have maybe been hitting the illegal things too hard, and maybe just maybe they are physically assaulting you??? Yeah, those. I’ve read a lot of medical histories in my life and this book was CRAZY amazing at painting perhaps a little bit different picture to some of those people’s stories. The mind is not always black & white and I think anyone that works in healthcare should read this. Never judge a book by it’s cover and never give up on your patients. Things aren’t always what they seem. The book is written from the patient’s perspective (or what she can remember or has reviewed from hospital footage or talking to family). Susannah once a successful New York Post reporter who one day woke up in a strange place, strapped to a hospital bed, under guard, and unable to move or speak. Had no memory, showed psychosis, violence, and dangerous instability. A great lesson that a general misdiagnosis on any number of things can change the course of someone’s life and potentially end it. Really an amazing book.

Big Little Lies was another one of those beach read kind of books. It had been getting a lot of buzz, so I picked it up. I enjoyed reading it, and it actually ended up having a lot more substance than I expected. Pretty hard-hitting on some tough topics. It follows a group of parents & children in an oceanside town where all kinds of drama and gossip unfold.

I have always enjoyed imagery by Lynsey Addario. War/Conflict photography has been something I REALLY enjoy reading/learning about. I like the idea of always being out on a limb for the shot (literally). Being able to tell such a powerful story with just one image for a spread in a magazine that can somehow tell the whole story. Paint a different picture for people who oftentimes don’t even know what is going on! It’s really incredible. Lynsey has an impressive repertoire and resume. She reflects on her career and rehashes her kidnappings and near-kidnappings in war torn countries. After each page was turned I was left feeling like “man she really is just extraordinarily lucky”. Her ability to balance such a demanding career in the field as a female, (while staying relevant, respected and successful) and have a family amazed me. When I grow up I want to be her. I sincerely wanted to jump on a plane just like her the entire time and head to Syria. Okay….. So, I know my husband isn’t going to go for that…

Here is what i’ve got going on right now – and hopefully I won’t pick up another one million page series before the next post.. Keep reading, friends! And as always, send me suggestions!


That means over 15 books since last June…. Disturbing and thank GOODNESS I have a library card now so my husband won’t kill me with all of these purchases!

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