summertime and the livin’ is easy.

Feels like we've been having a heat wave here in Indy and I am certainly not complaining! The balmy temperature has put me in the mood to share this sunshine-y/happy couples session. I had a fantastic time hanging out with Tiffany and Kyle. Any chance I can chat with folks my own age about travel and such I'm a happy camper. Please enjoy their beautiful images - they are as beautiful on the inside as out! Aren't they both just adorable together?! Good thing I wasn't shooting film … [Read more...]

colleen & tyler’s snowy smores enagement.

I would like to start this post off with introducing you to Colleen & Tyler... aka the most awesomest couple ever! Tyler mandated at the end of their session that they from now on be referred to as such.. :) Good thing it's true! Don't even get me started on these two. They had me cracking up and acting a fool for the whole thing. We did their session right after one of Indy's famous "snow storms" this year. Sadly, we just missed the big chunky snowfall by about two hours! It still made for … [Read more...]

Brett + Josh | Engaged – Tree Farm Inspired Shoot

Back in late November I met Brett and Josh on one of our first frigid days of this Winter season! For engagement and family sessions (with young children) the cold temps always concern me.. My biggest worry is that they will be too uncomfortable from the cold to obtain genuine photos.. i.e. scary faces in photos, teeth clinched visibly - etc etc. I always check in with my clients the morning of their session to warn them of said temperatures, make sure they will be dressed appropriately, and to … [Read more...]

Beth + Tyler | Engaged | Indianapolis Engagement Photographer

I'd like to take a minute to introduce you to Beth & Tyler. Beth and I have known eachother since pre-school, and Tyler I've known for about a year. If you look at her now there is no way you would recognize the Beth I knew growing up. Beth wore Umbro shorts every day of her young life, and coke bottle eyeglasses. She was the biggest tomboy I knew. If you were to look at her photos now, I doubt you would even see the resemblance. To spare Beth a lot of embarassment I won't post any of those … [Read more...]

Nicole + Tyler | 1.12.13 | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

Welp! It's Wedding Wednesday! I've been looking forward to this post awhile now. You may remember this couple from their engagement session blog post here. Here is a look at their special day. I am more than honored to have been a part of it. A special thanks to the hubs for second shooting on this one. He is always with me for out-of-state travel. :) Their wedding took place in Adairsville, GA this January. I love a good rustic wedding more than anyone. This one was no … [Read more...]

Winter 2013 | Valentine’s Day | Styled Bridal Session | Richmond, VA

If you had told me a year ago that I'd be shooting a styled wedding in Virginia with Katelyn James I wouldn't have believed you... But, I did. The color palette was just perfect for being so close to Valentine's Day! Bright pops of fuchsia and a vibrant shade of yellow really brightened up the day. Those are just two colors that make you feel like you have to smile. I sought out Katelyn James Workshop to get another photographer's opinion on how I was doing running this business. … [Read more...]

Nicole + Tyler | Indianapolis Engagement Photographer | Taylor Whitham Photography

What to say.. What to say.. What to say.. Wowza. This engagement session blew my mind. Not only was it the most fun I've had in a long time- the scenery (& couple I might add) were gorgeous. I've known Nicole several years now, and was beyond ecstatic when she reached out to me immediately following her engagement. I swear sometimes her and I have the same mind. Our taste is so similar it's kind of creepy honestly. She is sarcastic & fun, so I knew we'd be a good fit! I will … [Read more...]

Amanda + Dustin | Indianapolis Engagement Photographer

Late this summer I had the opportunity to experience one of Indiana's past times from behind the lens of my camera... You may find yourself trying to figure out just what past time I'm speaking of?  Why, the Indiana State Fair of course!  Amanda & Dustin both got to experience their engagement session in a way a lot of people probably don't... Inhaling junk food, riding rides, and taking in all of the characters the State Fair has to offer. What better way to experience … [Read more...]

Murray Wedding | May 5, 2012

I had the absolute pleasure to photograph Katie & Tyler's special day this past May.  Regretfully, I have been having to sit on these images for MONTHS waiting for this blog to be done to share the whole story with everyone.  Truth be told - I know it will have been worth the wait.   I've known the bride, Katie since I was in high school back in Georgia.  I always thought she was a really sweet, and quiet beauty.  Anytime I'd see her in the hallways she would always have the … [Read more...]