Ellen – One Year | Indianapolis Child Photographer

Another one of my Grow With Me Kiddos is a whole big ONE year old. (Cue the sobs... Sad, I know.) You can see the evolution of sweet Ellen here. Happy One Year, big girl! Ellen is always so photogenic it is just crazy. She is naturally super curious of her surroundings and that usually ends up getting us some pretty phenomenal photos! I love that last little series! Isn't she the cutest thing! I'm going to miss seeing her every few months for sure. :( … [Read more...]

Hannah – 8 Months | Indianapolis Family Photographer

Little Hannah actually just turned ONE! I'm a little behind on blogging, so regretfully her 8 month photos will just have to do. She is one of the most expressive little girls I have ever photographed. I definitely feel like from time to time she is giving me the stink eye... She also really really likes when I talk to her in my "scary" voice... So, I'm not sure what that says about me - clearly not very scary.. Enjoy her myriad of faces! :) If you feel like a blast from the past you can see her … [Read more...]

Sophia | Indianapolis Family Photographer

I got to see sweet Sophia again last month for her *big* one year photos! I have a love/hate relationship with these sessions... I love it because it really is amazing seeing how they evolve into these tiny people. I hate it because I never exactly know when I will get to see them again. The first year is so fun to watch! I'm very very lucky to be a part of these milestone with all of their families. ¬†Click here to see her 6 month session! Is she not something else? I told mom & dad I … [Read more...]

John Patrick & Reese | Indianapolis Child Photographer

These two little boys have been so much fun to play with the past almost year and a half. It's been so amazing to watch their personalities grow and grow. They have both developed into the some seriously cute little guys. Reese is about as rough & tumble as they come - he is always investigating something! John Patrick has kept me consistently entertained with the faces he makes, and the little glimpses he would give me every now and again of just how SWEET a little boy he is. The first year … [Read more...]

Golf Themed One Year Session | Indianapolis Family Photographer

I knew this time was coming and to be honest I was bummed when the time finally came around. Little Weston turned One. Annnnd it broke my heart a little. This little guy is so sweet and cuddly. I took photos at all of his landmarks, and while I knew he was growing up I didn't want to admit it. Enjoy the little guy's golf themed birthday! Weston loves to play, you can just tell he is going to be a little athlete. He was pretty obsessed with the golf ball. I'm so glad I … [Read more...]

Charley | 6 Months | Indianapolis Child Photographer

I got to visit with Charley a couple of months ago! I love being able to do this with clients. It's so much fun to watch them grow, their little personalities develop so quickly! Here is a little peek at Charley's most recent session! Of course we had to do some Easter themed shots since it was right before the Holiday. She was such a cute bunny rabbit! I had to sneak a couple in of just Momma & Charley too of course. I loved everything about this session! … [Read more...]

Sophie 6 Months | Indianapolis Child Photographer | Taylor Whitham Photography

I'm so happy to share this session with y'all today. I got to spend some time with this sweet little girl not too long ago. She is absolutely precious, and very entertaining! Little miss really moves. She was rolling and moving all over the studio this morning. We had a lot of fun watching the situations and positions she would get herself in. I work with Sophie's mom at a local hospital here in Indianapolis, and I know how excited she was to learn of Sophie's arrival. Her & her … [Read more...]

Weston 9 Months | Indianapolis Family Photographer | Taylor Whitham Photography

Alright.... Soooooo, I am writing this blog post for the second time now. I was so depressed when I accidentally deleted it in BlogStomp. I'll let you know when I'm done if it surpasses the first post. I love, love, love this family. Every single time they welcome me into their home as though I'm a part of their family. Which is kind of a big deal for me since I have so very little family here. Not to mention zero family here aside from my husband that are our age and nearby. So, from time to … [Read more...]

Charley Jo | 6 Months | Indianapolis Photographer

I got a chance to catch up with little Miss. Charley in January just in time for her 3 month session. It always amazes me just how much they grow. She had just moved into her new house, and I think she has made herself right at home! :) She is seriously the MOST cuddly baby ever. She is happy almost all of the time, and has the most adorable little cheeks when she smiles. Yeah... I may have posed her a bit for this next one. I couldn't resist. She was out like a light. All princesses … [Read more...]

The Smith Family | Indianapolis Family Photographer | Taylor Whitham Photography

There are few things I love more than the excitement that surrounds a new baby. And not just a new baby, a first baby! Chris and Alex reached out to me as soon as their sweet little Annabelle was born. She was a PERFECT baby at their session. This is no joke, like not a peep just happy and content the entire time. These two were both so giddy & thrilled that she had arrived. She is clearly showered with love constantly. How perfect are all of her little features? And Hello?! How … [Read more...]