andrew | indianapolis newborn photographer

I got to meet baby Andrew "Drew" this Summer! He is joining a super fun band of twin brothers (John Patrick and Reese). They are both smitten with him and it was so much fun to watch them interact with him at their session. I loved the color scheme of his nursery! Drew is the sweetest little guy and full of personality already. Even with the boys playing around him it did not seem to phase him one bit. I think he will fit in just fine. He looked so good in blue - how ┬ácute is he? Mom … [Read more...]

henry | indianapolis newborn photographer

sweet mr. henry.... I got to spend a beautiful morning posing henry to my hearts content. hands down the sleepiest little guy I have seen in awhile. no lie - I made it through all of the poses in probably 30 minutes (around 6-7 setups). mom followed the prep instructions precisely and it definitely showed! if his adorable hair doesn't break your heart into a million pieces I don't know what will! enjoy this little dream boat! mom & dad are both pretty crafty/handy. they did the … [Read more...]

cole | indianapolis newborn photographer

I am so far behind on blogging it isn't funny. I typically use these cold Winter months to catch up on things like that, so you may be on overload with sessions coming up. First up is sweet baby Cole. I actually just took Cole's six month photos... That was the reality check I needed to play catch up. Cole was a dreamy little newborn with the most perfectly round cheeks. Big brother Weston did such a great job with him in photos! Congrats to Mom & Dad one another adorable baby boy! You can … [Read more...]

bebe dalton. indianapolis photographer

My friends are having kiddos left and right!! My favorite part of all of this is seeing who I think the baby favors most! Mom or dad. :) Little Dalton is a spitting image of Daddy-o and I suspect he will be a tall little guy just like dad too. I can only hope after having kids I look as fab as mama does. Yowza! Enjoy this sweet look into this adorable family's life in their new home. Perfection. Mama did a great job styling his nursery. Isn't it adorable? … [Read more...]

Reid | Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

Oh little Reid... (Who isn't so little anymore might I add?) I keep up with my littlest clients on Facebook, so I'm kind of glad I'm blogging this today. I'm going to pretend he is this wittle bitty again! It's really sad, but once they graduate that first year with me I really really miss them! It's like seeing them every few months makes me feel like I was a part of their big picture in some way! Any-who.. Simon and Amy you might remember from their maternity session here. You also might now … [Read more...]

Beck | Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

I blogged this family's maternity session yesterday! You can find it here. I was so excited on Beck's due date.. I just knew he would be ALL boy, and of course they have Lillia at home who is ALL girl. What a combination. You can see in their side by side photos just how much the two favor eachother. P.S. Who doesn't love the little Jordans? You can just tell how proud this big sister is. Look at that face - little brother was such a good sport. These are some of my favorite … [Read more...]

Ryan | Indianapolis Newborn Photographer | Taylor Whitham Photography

I'd like to introduce you to Ryan today. I got to take this adorable little man's newborn photos this January! You may remember mom & dad's maternity session here. Ryan did not disappoint whatsoever. He was a little rockstar at his newborn session, and literally did not make a peep the entire time. Mom & Dad must have done good with his prep instructions! He has the most gorgeous head of hair, and I of course had to do several shots of just it. I couldn't resist. His mom & … [Read more...]

The Smith Family | Indianapolis Family Photographer | Taylor Whitham Photography

There are few things I love more than the excitement that surrounds a new baby. And not just a new baby, a first baby! Chris and Alex reached out to me as soon as their sweet little Annabelle was born. She was a PERFECT baby at their session. This is no joke, like not a peep just happy and content the entire time. These two were both so giddy & thrilled that she had arrived. She is clearly showered with love constantly. How perfect are all of her little features? And Hello?! How … [Read more...]

Charley | Indianapolis Newborn Photographer | Taylor Whitham Photography

Fall 2012 brought a ton of new little babys into TWP's life. Charley Jo made her debut, and I was so excited for her photos. This sweet baby is destined to be a girly girl. I always get extra excited for some reason when my newborns have a head full of hair. Her little locks were just ADORABLE. Charley's pet Kitty watched over me the entire newborn session. She guarded little Ms. Thing like a hawk, and did not leave her side. Kitty will make a debut in a later blog post as well.. She … [Read more...]

Hannah | Charlottesville, VA | Newborn Photographer | Taylor Whitham Photography

You may remember my best friend, Rachel. I shot her maternity session this summer & "it" (she) was a real stunner! I flew out early this October to capture Johnny & Rachel's new arrival Hannah. Boy, was I smitten. Hannah, was absolutely adorable & I had so much fun visiting her in Virginia those first few days. We mixed up her session with a few lifestyle type images, and then some more traditional posed newborn photos. You know I had to take them outside to get some … [Read more...]