choosing mercy

"People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason the World is in chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used." I've been radio silent for awhile... Primarily on the blog here. Not entirely my fault as my hosting company is struggling to fix an issue with posting images from sessions through a software I use.  That is still a work in progress and I am hopeful they will get it resolved soon (Like today! Come on guys...) .  But, that's not the only … [Read more...]

Shelf love – playing catchup.

This is going to look all kinds of bad... But, I don't care. I've been so busy getting out galleries and working on upcoming blog posts that I haven't done one of these in awhile. So, when I went back to my Goodreads to see what books I had read and their chronological order - I was slightly disturbed. I guess I felt like I wasn't reading a lot since last year, but when I went back for this purpose I found I had read an insane amount actually... Two of my months (June-August) were heavily … [Read more...]

Have a good day, no matter what.

Welp.. I lost my voice about three days ago. Pretty sure I'm going insane since for the most part I can only have thoughts running through my head and carry on conversation within the confines of my mind. I'm losing it.... I figured I might as well write a blog before I go crazy. Another year is in the books. Man, they just keep moving faster and faster. 2014 was completely insane. On a personal note my husband and I just had SO many big changes in store that we had no idea about. We BOTH ended … [Read more...]

Shelf Love : Blue Like Jazz

I had to put a small pause on some of my leisurely reading basically from May to October while studying for a boards exam... So, these posts kind of dwindled a bit as did my reading. I did put away four in the meantime, and am reading three more currently. For those of you just joining this segment - I love to read.. They say that isn't a bad hobby to have, but for me it is a very pricey one. I can oftentimes go through a normal book in a matter of one day. A few months ago I finally decided to … [Read more...]

Disney Marathon Week – Coast to Coast!

Well, it's been a couple of weeks since Marathon Week. My legs are feeling normal, the numbness and blisters have left my feet - so, it's time for a blog! Jon and I decided last year that in 2014 we would try to get our Coast to Coast medal. Which essentially means you do races in Disney World and Disneyland within the same calendar year. Crazy? Maybe. Part One of our Coast to Coast challenge is over. We did the half marathon at Disney World this January and have the Half at Disneyland at the … [Read more...]

time gone by, auld lang syne. goals : 2014

How do you summarize an entire year of your life? The best and easiest thing that I can figure is in photos. I randomly chose photos throughout the course of the last year to compile my newest Goals blog post. First, let's review my last sheet of goals and see how I did...   Professional : - Finish re-brand and update of the blog. (Y’all probably don’t know about this… But, it’s coming!) - Move my home office to our sunroom. - Redecorate my home office! (Yay)  (It's a work in … [Read more...]

Wildflowers Workshop | Tennessee & me

I'm not really sure where to start here.. So, I'll just begin by saying that I am officially starting this blog post today (December 17th). I suspect it might take me several days to finish it, that it will be very very long, and by the time it posts it will give all of you an inkling as to just how difficult this experience was to put into words. I've given a lot of thought as to what exactly happened two weekends ago in Tennessee. I did not sign up for a photography workshop necessarily to … [Read more...]

The American spirit & NYC.

This blog must have timed itself for the bigger picture. I wrapped up all of the California blogs, the new website launched, and it just kind of works out for this one to be posted today. Most of my New York trip with the hubs was for the purpose of attending some of our good friend's wedding and celebrating. Of course the two of us had small lists of things we'd like to visit while in town. We decided to drive to New York instead of fly. Therefore allowing us to see more of the Country and make … [Read more...]

Oh look… It’s winethirty. {Napa}

Heyyyyy oh!! This is the post I've been waiting for. I love wine. (Probably like the majority of you do.) Because of Celiac Disease I may even love it more than some of you. For a long time wine was really my only option. I've been dying to visit Napa for several years, and April's California trip allowed that to become a possibility. Literally as soon as we checked into The Vintage Inn we were off to our first winery. The Vintage Inn was fabulous by the way. An added bonus was that they used … [Read more...]

If you’re going to San Francisco wear some flowers in your hair.

After a few days in LA we headed out for a little road trip up to San Fran. We had never made the drive before, and thought it might give us an opportunity to see some of California's many landscapes. We arrived at the Argonaut hotel for our one evening planned to spend in the city. It's such a neat nautically themed hotel. I kind of have a thing for anchors, so I was really digging the decor. We had a long list of things to do in the very short amount of time we were spending there... So, as … [Read more...]