I’m going going, back back, to Cali Cali

Yes.... I know I was just there. So, I typed this lengthy blog post yesterday... The doofus that I am accidentally towards the end hit the wrong button and deleted the entire thing! My patience has worn thin on this one, so I'm breaking my April California trip into three posts. Pretty fitting since I actually took my real camera and took real pictures. We also visited three different areas of California so I might as well. We tried to cram a lot into our last trip out West because neither of us … [Read more...]

Goals : Summertime

Instead of carrying around this goals book that I have - I've decided to do some consolidating. You see, I'm a bit of a notebook "hoarder". If it's cute, unique, & a notebook I buy it. Sad but true. For some things a trusty piece of paper and pen will only do. But, it's time to toss this one because my bag is starting to weigh me down! I typically do two seasonal goal lists for each season throughout the year. One is for our home, and the other is for my business. It's a way to hold myself … [Read more...]

Shelf Love : Love Does.

Alright let's kick some book reviews off with a bang! While traveling some late this spring and early into this summer I had some time to toss back some literature. Most of which were comical, and one that I would probably classify as "life-changing"... Is that too sesrious too soon? Oh well, that's how I feel about it. So, we'll start with that one first. Love Does : Bob Goff This really was exceptional. Everytime I sat it down I felt like I was having mini epiphanies. It really has changed … [Read more...]

Guest blog featuring Anton | road to road playlist.

Hey folks! So, I reached out to one of my best friend's brothers a few weeks ago. I'm pretty sure he didn't know it, but I've been stalking his Facebook page for a few years now. Every now and again he'll post a play list sometimes to match the season, sometimes for just whatever. As soon as the playlist is up - I snag it. He comes up with some great mixes, so here he is this week to share a play list and a guest blog! Enjoy! ................. hello. i'm anton. i currently live in atlanta, ga … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites | Globe Trotting

Whoa.. I sure do feel like I've been all over the continental U.S. this week. I guess I kind of have. I took my first 6 days off in over a year, and did my best to unplug. I was home in Indianapolis for barely 48 hours and headed out yesterday afternoon for Atlanta. My baby brother is graduating from college this weekend, and after that moving off to Washington, D.C... So, a lot going on.. But, a lot of fun things. I have a lot of blogs for you folks - and several sessions that need posting and … [Read more...]

Shelf Love : Fault in our Stars

I've been doing a lot of reading.. I'm guessing that I'll be doing a lot more with all of the traveling I'm about to be doing. Let's start this book review off with a bang, shall we? Where'd You Go Bernadette? - Maria Semple This book was hilariously good. I love a good read like this every now and again. It's both a light read and a heavy read all at the same time. After reading this it made me hyper-conscious of all the personalities the World provides. It's amazing how different we all … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites : Peace, Love, & Tacos

For this Friday's favorites I'm including a few more items than last time. Maybe there will be something for everyone this go around! I spent a good bit of this week checking over some publication submissions I've had in the works, as well as going over a wedding timeline I have for Saturday. It's been a pretty productive week! I anticipate next week to have a lot more content to blog about, as well as some of my thoughts on the photography industry. Completely. unfiltered. thoughts. … [Read more...]

Friday Shenanigans | Hooray for Heading Back South

Hey Y'all! It's Friday and I am so happy. Want to know why? I'm down in Georgia today! I'm only taking on one session while I'm down here in order to spend time with friends & family. Typically all my trips feel a bit rushed, and relaxation is not in the picture. This time it will be! My BFF is also making her debut in our hometown's version of "Dancing With the Stars!" Good luck, Katie & Mike!! I am confident in her mirror ball tactics! So, without further adieu... Who is ready for … [Read more...]

This my jam.

So, last night I was editing and doing some updating of things on my computer.  Like everyone else I'm sure I had Facebook open in another tab of the browser I was working on.  Lawwwwd Okay, okay... So, maybe I like to stay on top of things while doing a little work?  You know you're guilty of it to!  One thing I see pop up on my newsfeed over and over again posted by creative professionals like myself are questions like, "What are you listening to today?" or "I need some new tunes!" etc … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites – things I can’t live without these days.

I've got a few fun things coming up on the blog soon! One of those things would be a new segment called Friday Favorites. It won't be going up EVERY Friday, but most of them it will. There I will post 5 things that are making me tick at the moment. Things I simply cannot live without. So, for it's first week in existence let's see what I have lined up. Oribe Ultra Gentle Shampoo & Conditioner I looooove this stuff. Like can't say enough how much I love this stuff. I'm forever indebted … [Read more...]