Shelf love – playing catchup.

This is going to look all kinds of bad... But, I don't care. I've been so busy getting out galleries and working on upcoming blog posts that I haven't done one of these in awhile. So, when I went back to my Goodreads to see what books I had read and their chronological order - I was slightly disturbed. I guess I felt like I wasn't reading a lot since last year, but when I went back for this purpose I found I had read an insane amount actually... Two of my months (June-August) were heavily … [Read more...]

Shelf Love : Blue Like Jazz

I had to put a small pause on some of my leisurely reading basically from May to October while studying for a boards exam... So, these posts kind of dwindled a bit as did my reading. I did put away four in the meantime, and am reading three more currently. For those of you just joining this segment - I love to read.. They say that isn't a bad hobby to have, but for me it is a very pricey one. I can oftentimes go through a normal book in a matter of one day. A few months ago I finally decided to … [Read more...]

Shelf Love : Love Does.

Alright let's kick some book reviews off with a bang! While traveling some late this spring and early into this summer I had some time to toss back some literature. Most of which were comical, and one that I would probably classify as "life-changing"... Is that too sesrious too soon? Oh well, that's how I feel about it. So, we'll start with that one first. Love Does : Bob Goff This really was exceptional. Everytime I sat it down I felt like I was having mini epiphanies. It really has changed … [Read more...]

Shelf Love : Fault in our Stars

I've been doing a lot of reading.. I'm guessing that I'll be doing a lot more with all of the traveling I'm about to be doing. Let's start this book review off with a bang, shall we? Where'd You Go Bernadette? - Maria Semple This book was hilariously good. I love a good read like this every now and again. It's both a light read and a heavy read all at the same time. After reading this it made me hyper-conscious of all the personalities the World provides. It's amazing how different we all … [Read more...]

Shelf Love : Zombies vs. Unicorns

I'm a little behind on my Good Reads post for a couple of reasons : One : I've been catching up blogging client sessions from the Fall. My plan is to be all caught up on blogging sessions by Mid-March. Just in time for Spring! Two : I've been reading a lot of books that require a tiny bit of daily reading. Devotions, etc. More on those later. So, that means less time for real novels. This time I read mainly books that were not something I'd pick up on my own. (Two are my style - the … [Read more...]

Shelf Love | Out of My Comfort Zone

Alright, alright, alright.. Time for another installment of Page Turners.  I did have a fourth book to review, but still lack just a bit on it.  I'm pretty sure I'll be done with it on Friday, though.  Some of these are not my typical style of book I like to read, but I thought I'd give something different a go. As always I'd love to hear thoughts, and suggestions on any other book you may have enjoyed! I head to Georgia for several sessions on Thursday, so once I'm back I'll have a ton of … [Read more...]

Shelf Love | Finding New Perspective

The only thing I do more of than taking photographs is reading.  Literally... I read three books last week alone.  I oftentimes get asked what I'm reading and what I thought about it.  I thought posting my reviews here once finishing a handful might be the best way to keep track of them.  If you are curious as to what else I've read in the past and how I felt about it you can check out my Goodreads.   Sarah's Key  :  Tatiana de Rosnay   This book was amazing.  It takes place in early … [Read more...]