The American spirit & NYC.

This blog must have timed itself for the bigger picture. I wrapped up all of the California blogs, the new website launched, and it just kind of works out for this one to be posted today. Most of my New York trip with the hubs was for the purpose of attending some of our good friend's wedding and celebrating. Of course the two of us had small lists of things we'd like to visit while in town. We decided to drive to New York instead of fly. Therefore allowing us to see more of the Country and make … [Read more...]

Oh look… It’s winethirty. {Napa}

Heyyyyy oh!! This is the post I've been waiting for. I love wine. (Probably like the majority of you do.) Because of Celiac Disease I may even love it more than some of you. For a long time wine was really my only option. I've been dying to visit Napa for several years, and April's California trip allowed that to become a possibility. Literally as soon as we checked into The Vintage Inn we were off to our first winery. The Vintage Inn was fabulous by the way. An added bonus was that they used … [Read more...]