what’s she all about?

SHORT & SWEET : I am a creative located in Indianapolis. Born & raised in the Deep South.  I’ve been shooting professionally since 2010 & absolutely love having an excuse to make new friends.

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THE LONG & DRAWN OUT VERSION:  I have been taking pictures using MRI since 2004. It all started at a Level I Trauma Center in Atlanta.  I fell in love with the art and science behind it immediately.

I relocated to Indy in 2010 —->  after meeting my Hoosier husband.  Living in a new State, and knowing very few people left me craving a creative outlet.

All of the clients I’ve met have helped to complete a piece of my puzzle & have made my journey that much sweeter.  They have helped make this my “home”.

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I appreciate the nostalgia in all things antique, smiley mornings with our new baby, an early morning run, never ending mountain of books, and a glass of wine with good company.  Working harder each and every moment to choose joy daily. 

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About me photo courtesy of Andy Baxter Photography | Calhoun, GA