baby cole | maternity session

Baby W #2 arrived this past Summer in 2014! Big brother Weston was such a ham during this session (and might I mention ALL sessions). He keeps me laughing almost hysterically every time I'm around him. I know he is going to teach Baby Cole a lot of fun new tricks. ;) The color scheme for their session could not have worked out more perfectly - mom is a genius at those things I swear... Somehow this session got lost in the mix of blogging. So, here it is! You can see Cole's newborn session here. … [Read more...]

reid | a creekside 8 month session

Sweet baby Reid is not a baby anymore :'( . This little guy I have watched grow up - We just wrapped his one year session which will be on the blog soon to follow. It always breaks my heart a little when they reach that milestone knowing we wont see each other near as much. It was so awesome getting to be a part of his first year. Enjoy his images - they are some of my favorites. Such a big boy sitting up unassisted! We went to one of my secret spots for their session and … [Read more...]

andrew | indianapolis newborn photographer

I got to meet baby Andrew "Drew" this Summer! He is joining a super fun band of twin brothers (John Patrick and Reese). They are both smitten with him and it was so much fun to watch them interact with him at their session. I loved the color scheme of his nursery! Drew is the sweetest little guy and full of personality already. Even with the boys playing around him it did not seem to phase him one bit. I think he will fit in just fine. He looked so good in blue - how ┬ácute is he? Mom … [Read more...]

henry | indianapolis newborn photographer

sweet mr. henry.... I got to spend a beautiful morning posing henry to my hearts content. hands down the sleepiest little guy I have seen in awhile. no lie - I made it through all of the poses in probably 30 minutes (around 6-7 setups). mom followed the prep instructions precisely and it definitely showed! if his adorable hair doesn't break your heart into a million pieces I don't know what will! enjoy this little dream boat! mom & dad are both pretty crafty/handy. they did the … [Read more...]

cole | indianapolis newborn photographer

I am so far behind on blogging it isn't funny. I typically use these cold Winter months to catch up on things like that, so you may be on overload with sessions coming up. First up is sweet baby Cole. I actually just took Cole's six month photos... That was the reality check I needed to play catch up. Cole was a dreamy little newborn with the most perfectly round cheeks. Big brother Weston did such a great job with him in photos! Congrats to Mom & Dad one another adorable baby boy! You can … [Read more...]

brett + josh – thorntown tree farm wedding

I got an e-mail from Brett almost two years ago.. I was only two sentences in & I knew I already loved her adorable self. It went along the lines of.... "I love your photos and we HAVE to have you at our wedding." Before that she had told me a bit of their engagement, how they are both book lovers, and that their dream wedding was in the works. We met up a few months later for their engagement photos which you can see here. This July I met up with them again for the most perfect Summer … [Read more...]

Bailey – 2014 Lawrence Central Senior

In all honesty I'm not really sure where to start on Miss Bailey... Extraordinary is the word that comes to mind. Read on and see how this amazing, god-driven young woman is making her imprint on the World through her own words. "My goal in life is to make a difference. I want to help people to live a full & happy life. To fulfill their potential." "I'd love to help others fulfill their potential whether that is through volunteer work, abecoming a developmental … [Read more...]

colleen & tyler’s snowy smores enagement.

I would like to start this post off with introducing you to Colleen & Tyler... aka the most awesomest couple ever! Tyler mandated at the end of their session that they from now on be referred to as such.. :) Good thing it's true! Don't even get me started on these two. They had me cracking up and acting a fool for the whole thing. We did their session right after one of Indy's famous "snow storms" this year. Sadly, we just missed the big chunky snowfall by about two hours! It still made for … [Read more...]

fall photos & a day at the fire department.

I look forward to seeing this family every year. I basically burn off some calories playing & chasing Tucker for smiles, and it's a win-win for everyone! It is SO crazy to me seeing how much they grow in just a year. He's turning into a dashing young man, and I know mom and dad are so proud! We did their normal family fall photos and went to visit the fire station (Tucker loves fire trucks!) We had a great time, and I think you can tell from the photos! A special thanks to the Carmel Fire … [Read more...]

Shelf Love : Blue Like Jazz

I had to put a small pause on some of my leisurely reading basically from May to October while studying for a boards exam... So, these posts kind of dwindled a bit as did my reading. I did put away four in the meantime, and am reading three more currently. For those of you just joining this segment - I love to read.. They say that isn't a bad hobby to have, but for me it is a very pricey one. I can oftentimes go through a normal book in a matter of one day. A few months ago I finally decided to … [Read more...]